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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

There was a Facebook post that asked for prayers to be sent to a dog who was not doing well. This is a lovely gesture, but more can be done for this dog and for the owner.

Animals suffer in silence. They do not have the option to tell anyone their troubles, or about their pain, or about what is causing them stress or anxiety.

Can you imagine not being able to speak or to get to a doctor or therapist because you couldn’t ask for help? Can you feel how frustrating and helpless this feels for animals?

Some animals are victims of hate crimes, some of loss of their owner due to death, some abandoned by fire or flood, and so many other reasons they feel emotional pain. Animals need your help to get the healing they need to be happy and healthy, and to live full socially active lives.

Animals need Reiki. What is Reiki? It is an intelligent life force – the Universe’s energy that creates all living things. Without energy nothing lives. Reiki is the name given to this energy.

A certified Reiki Practitioner Level II and higher have the ability to facilitate the energy of the Universe. They are the conduit for the energy as it flows from their hands and interacts with one’s own energy for deep healing for the emotional being, the physical being and the mental being. These three bodies we carry in our physical form receive healing in unison during a Reiki session.

The pain you or an animal feels may not actually be a physical problem but be caused by an emotional trauma that has been suppressed. That emotion is held within the body showing up later in life as pain and remains until the emotion is healed. The body can hold onto emotion for a while before it lets you know it is time to let go of it. Reiki, as an intelligent life force goes to the root cause of the physical pain so it is healed at the level where it began, which resolves the problem of knowing whether this is physical or emotional.

Reiki sessions are most often in-person. There is no disrobing, or anything you need to do or believe for the healing energy to flow to you like a soft warm glowing sensation while you become very relaxed in a reclined or sitting position.

Reiki sessions for animals are shorter than the hour for people. Animals have far less layers of trauma to heal then people do. I have done Reiki in-person in a barn full of horses who have fallen asleep during a 30-minute session. And I have a few animals who I remotely send Reiki to for their individual healing needs.

Yes, Reiki has no boundaries to limit it to time or space. It can be sent anytime, anywhere in the world to a person, animal, or a situation. That means that I can send it to anyone and their pet in their time zone at a specific time and place. It also means that I can send Reiki to a situation like before getting surgery, or to heal a relationship between two people, or to heal grief, and to ease discomfort caused by an injury or surgery and shorten the healing time.

I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, and I am remotely sending Reiki to an adopted dog from a shelter. The new owner was told she was abused. After one remote session the dog stopped shaking and even allowed a young lady to pet her. After the second session she barked once at the maintenance man in the backyard and return to the house which is far from her normal behavior of continuously barking and pacing in the yard while he is there.

I found a feral kitten and captured her. After two weeks she was completely domesticate using Reiki.

Reiki is always beneficial. It can never do harm. It will never interfere with medications. I write this in hopes that you will try Reiki in-person or remotely.

In Service,

Dennie Sunbeam, Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher

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