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The First Star Blessing creates a permanent pathway to the Divine. It also opens the mind and heart to receive a deep connection to communicate with the highest beings of light like Angels and Ascended Masters.  

This is a gentle gift of great power. You won't be confused any longer over who you are and what you are to do. You will view the world in a way that leads you to the next step in your development. This is the life you have been waiting for! The Divine beings celebrate your every step. They can’t wait to tell you all the wonderful things that await you, and answer all your questions in a way that lights your path with profound beauty.

Each Blessing can be done in-person, ior by phone/WhatsApp or Zoom with success when you follow the preparation instructions. Each Blessing is done in numeric order to heal and raise your vibration one level at a time.  Each blessing is done 30 days or more from the last one you received.


"I received the First Star Blessing by phone. I had so many questions answered while I was channeling an Ascended Master for the 1st time. And, I did not have any trouble channeling when I did it on my own after the First Star Blessing. Thank you for everything Dennie." L Mercer

Sandy Beach


  • The First Star Blessing creates a permanent pathway to the Divine. You will be able to channel instantly upon receiving this blessing. Dennie is your guide in learning the process to open your channel to connect to the Divine beings of light any time you wish. However, it does require commitment on your part to channel a minimum of 12 times for each Star Blessing to fully integrate into your physical form. Your commitment is 10 minutes to one hour of time, 12 times, before it is fully integrated. Then you may receive the next Star Blessing level.

  • You do not need any special abilities for this to work.

  • No Refunds Blessings 1 through 4!  All cancelations will be rescheduled.



Your soul in your body is the “self” that functions on the earthly plane and is allowing its experience to be directed by your life’s experiences, beliefs and perceptions. Your Divine Self, who is always connected to the Divine Being, the Creator, the Giver of All Life, is being guided by the Divine mind and is at One with this consciousness. Level 2 of the Star Blessing creates an integration of your Soul with your Divine Self that will enable your conscious life to function along the pathway of the Divine plan with the least  resistance.  

Many have asked, “What am I supposed to do?” They are wondering what is their true mission in life? The 2nd Blessing is the link to connect you to Source and discover the answer to this question yourself. There is no one who can answer the request for the wisdom of your life’s purpose better than your Divine Self. This blessing creates a permanent connection to your Divinity within your consciousness, so that confusion, indecision, and fear no longer rule your life. You become an active part of fulfilling your own Divine Plan and your life flows with the ease of knowing who you are and what you are to do.

The separation of human consciousness from Divine Self has been the source of pain, dysfunction, fear, anxiety, and depression for eons. This separation had its Divine purpose on the evolutionary path of the Earth. Level 2 releases anxiety and depression, and reaction to those from your cell memory. Now separation is no longer necessary for us to grow. It is time to unite what has been separated. Now it is time be at One. We must take the next step on our evolutionary path by embracing Unity and Oneness with all life. Through conscious creation with the life force of your Divine Self you add a new dimensionality to your life. You become a “four dimensional being”. Your life will be guided by Love, Compassion, Vision and Joy.

“We are at your service in this most pivotal time in history as you courageously take your next step in your evolutionary path.”

In Light,
- The Blessed Star Beings

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Be aware that there are many intentions when agreeing to come into body. Some are personal intentions that are on the soul level to activate healing or experiences to benefit the "All". These are choices made at pre-incarnation. These personal choices are ones that effect where and to whom you were born, physical limitations or gifts, and pre-chosen obstacles or events that will fulfill your intentions on a personal level.

On a deeper level there is the Star Family pre-programming. This is the essence of your soul – where it came from and the gifts it brings to Earth. If you have been able to fulfill the personal intentions of your soul then you are ready to undertake the creation of your life in harmony with the gifts you bring as part of a greater activation of Earth’s evolution.

Each of us carry a “seed of energy” that is dormant until we are ready to accept, and consciously bring forth, our seed’s purpose, (this may take a person many lifetimes). We have heard the term “Star Seeds”. They are people who, in human body, carry the ancestry, or connection, of the Star Nations. We are here to tell you that everyone is a Star Seed. You are only not aware of your Star ancestry in consciousness. The awareness of your Star ancestry is hidden just beneath the surface of your conscious life, yet sometimes it manifests itself in harmonious ways during your daily life on Earth. You have a faint memory of who you are and where you belong. You have a faint memory of what you are ‘supposed’ to do. This feeling of what you are ‘supposed’ to do and the confusion around it is your attempt at remembering the greatest task you are to fulfill if you choose. It is your pre-programmed gift. It is the essence of your soul which you have been longing to fulfill but have no idea how or even what it is.

The third level Star Blessing brings you to your Star Family in an awakening of connection that will seem so profound yet so familiar it will feel as though you’ve “known it all along”. Once you get the third level blessing your path is made clear and you will no longer hesitate to act on your impulses. You know who you are, where you come from and how you can best serve humanity – thus fulfilling the urge to know what you are ‘supposed’ to do.

Knowing your celestial ancestry is a great gift and one that will bring about profound healing in all your relationships. A peace will fill your heart through this awareness, for it answers the most difficult questions a person asks on their journey of life. “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Through the third level star blessing you may get answers to these profound questions. You will feel and connect with the ones who call you family. You will feel and connect with the energy of your ancestral source. You will be guided by their wisdom and understand on a cellular level the knowing they carry and the unique gifts they have to offer the Earth on her sacred journey. Your purpose, identity and actions become harmonious and clear.

The third Star Blessing activates the knowing and wisdom of your Star Family in your human body and downloaded to your DNA. Your Star Family connection will be more a part of you than even your childhood or human inherited traits. Your Star Seed within grows to full flower.


“We are with you every step of the way in deep gratitude for the task you are undertaking. The unfolding into your true being-ness is a miracle to behold in all its magnificence.” 

In Light,



Scheduling Phone Initiations 7 days a week.  Each Blessing must be 30 days from the last. Cancelations are rescheduled.  No refunds.

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This Blessing is to connect you to nature and your inner child.  It is your soul's quest to re-connect to all living creatures and vegetation on our planet.  It is your inner child who needs to be seen, heard and recognized. It is a profound healing.

This Initiation takes you on an awake "journey" where you will be given a task to perform and complete within a certain period of time. This task is unique to you, as is every Star Blessing Initiation experience.

After this initiation, you will be inspired to take more direct action relating to your purpose on Earth.  You will do what you've always wanted to do.  You will no longer hesitate in taking the next steps to your goal.  If you do not have a goal, this will assist you with a vision. 

Many times we ignore our dreams, but with this Blessing, your dreams are clear signs guiding you like a beacon blazing your pathway with the least amount of resistance. This Blessing will "kick start" you!

****This is the last Initiation before becoming a Master at the fifth & sixth levels.  The Master Star Blessing is 3 days of Initiation and instruction. You will learn how to give Blessings 1-3, plus you give the First Star Blessing to a student. 

If you are called to bring humanity closer to GOD, then you are destined to become a Master. 


                 LEVEL 5 MASTER LEVEL      

If you are not"called" to teach the Star Blessings but want to continue healing the etherial levels and connect to Spirit more deeply, now you can without the intense 2-day training previously required by the Star Nations.  Cancelation fee of 15% for rescheduling. No refunds.


                 LEVEL 5               

Availabe only for Level 4 or higher Star Blessing students. This is a 2-day class done in person.  You will have intensive training on giving Blessings 1, 2, and 3.  On the second day of class you will be required to give the 1st level blessing to someone you recruit to graduate.  Due to my preparation there is a cancelation fee for any reason of 25%


LEVELS: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13  

Each level can be recieved after 30 days haa passed between the time you received the last Blessing.  These levels heal ethereal layers.  Cancelation will fee for rescheduling blessing 11 only. All others will be rescheduled without any refund.




Scheduled for 10th Level Students

You will learn how to give Blessings 4 through 10, and you will train a Level 4 Star Blessing student to be a Master/Teacher over 3 days for to graduate.  You cannot take this level unless you have a Level Four Student ready to commit personally and financially to become a Master.  Due to my preparation there is a cancelation fee for any reason of 25%.

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