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I received an email through my website one evening. This email was urgent. It stated that her Grandson's cat went missing and had been gone for five nights. She asked if I could help find the cat. She went on to say that her Grandson's heart was broken and she really hoped that I could help. I immediately replied to her by phone and told her that I would need a photo of the cat and that the eyes needed to show the pupils clearly. We settled on a price and I received it via VENMO.

She emailed me a prefect picture of a beautiful silver tabby cat. I centered myself, called in my guides and asked to connect to the cat. I felt a lot of confusion from the cat. I asked her to show me what she could see. The vision she projected back to me was only trees and grass. The angle I saw this was from a view looking down so I interpreted this to mean that she was up in a tree, on a balcony or rooftop. It was forty-five minutes before nightfall when I received the cat's picture. Feeling the urgency, I called the Grandmother and told her to rally a posse to look up all around the area, not in the bushes. She thanked me and we hung up.

I went back to the picture of the cat to check if there was anything else she could show me. But she was feeling too frightened to free her attention to show me anything more.

I kept in touch with the Grandmother over the following day. I told her that I felt that the cat could venture as far away as a half mile in any direction. However, I did have a strong sense that she was alive and wanted to be found.

The next day I received a text from the Grandmother that the cat had been found at midnight. But here is where it gets interesting.

The tabby cat, lost and confused, walked around and around looking for it's home in an area where all the apartment buildings, which there are many, look exactly alike. The silver tabby called out and a neighbor's cat heard her call for help. Then, that cat alerted its owner by making an awful fuss at the front door of their apartment to convince the owner to open it to see what was on the other side. The owner opened the door, saw, and recognized the cat from the flyers spread around the area and called the phone number listed to respond to the request "if you see this cat". Twenty minutes later Grandson and silver tabby were reunited.

The little silver tabby, thin from not eating in a week, was taken to the Vet for hydration and a physical. She is back home safe in the arms of a very happy Grandson.

This real life experience validates that animals are communicating with you, please pay attention.

In Service,


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