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All services require payment in advance to confirm your appointment. 

Contact 619-737-7791

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Review left by Edgar Trujillo  ***** 

"Dennie is the real deal folks. Her energy and ability to perceive past one's doubts and fears in order to truly help one achieve their best selves is impressive and inspirational. I was dealing with a crossroads in my life, and she helped me realize that the path to least resistance is the correct one for me. She will tap into specifics that will blow your mind away and make you believe. So, stop what you are doing and book Dennie's services if you are ready to the answers you have been searching for."

Appointments: WhatsApp, Zoom or phone.


Do you have a lot going on? Receive a one hour Psychic card reading with Dennie channeling Angels and Light Beings who will guide you to reach a fuller and happier life now.

Appointments by phone and Zoom

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Dennie connects to your pet through their eyes and channels information that is extremely valuable like when they are displaying changes in their behavior. You might learn what your pet needs or something about their health. You may learn of their past, cause of depression, emotional issues, relationships with other animals, eating issues, or purpose. Keep in mind that this information is what they are comfortable sharing, it is not directed by Dennie. In addition, you can receive messages from pets who have passed away!

  • Camera or Cell Phone:  Close-up of face only. (Pet's with eyes on the side of their face require their left side profile).  Eyes must be open and looking at you. Please turn your flash off and have plenty of back light or day light to compensate for no flash.  You must be able to see the black pupil of their eyes.

  • Fairs: A color picture of your pet at any age on your cell phone or photograph to any of her public appearances and she will do a Reading for you at the Fair discounted price. 

  • By Email: Ask questions you want to know about your pet. Attach a photo to an email. You will receive an email with all of the information Dennie has received from your pet. PayPal, Square or VENMO.                                                                                                                                                               TESTIMONIAL                                       "Thank you so much Dennie! I think she really appreciated talking with you. She greeted me at the door when I got home. She hasn't had the energy to do that in weeks, maybe even a couple of months! I asked her if she had a good chat with you and she chirped and meowed back so happy! We've been cuddling on the couch since I got home. She had been pretty stressed and solitary since the Vet visit last Monday. And, thank you for the advice on how to comfort her and talk to her. I'll let her know updates and let her know what the Vet's suggest for her care. I gave her some extra fish treats tonight per your conversation as well! I am so grateful for how you've been able to help and contact her. Thank you again!" Nicole 


(In-person or on Zoom)

6 - 10 people
20  minute Readings

One reading per person 

Either Oracle Card or a Pet Photo Reading

Dennie channels messages from her Spirit guides to give you divine guidance.

She also connects to animals through their eyes using a clear picture of their eyes on your phone. (See more info above about Pet Photo Readings.)

Hosts:  List all paid attendees in the order of who will receive their reading next to accommodate those who need to leave early.

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Contact Dennie to Schedule

Awaken to a new level of consciousness, powerful gifts of healing, and get access to the ancient wisdom of the universe. You can develop the gifts you were born with and create a deep connection to Spirit!

Psychic and intuitive arts are not just for divination but can awaken you to your potential. Human potential has yet to be realized and it is time to grow using your soul's natural gifts. We will enhance your intuition to phenomenal accuracy and teach the power of healing with your own psychic gifts.

Our own abilities have yet to be realized and discovering the incredible gifts you already have and how to use them with integrity is the next step in the evolution of human consciousness.

This private training is tailored to help you grow in the way most natural to you and the way that ignites your heart with joy and quiets your mind. 

You can build accuracy in predictions with your psychic senses. This private training is flexible with your schedule, your intention, and your inclination.

Each class is one hour long for five weeks. You will practice between classes from anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes seven days a week to receive the optimum results. This can be taken by yourself or in a group. 

Contact Dennie @ (619) 737-7791

Cancelation Policy: 

There is an administration fee of $20.00 for canceling a class or course series when an appointment was missed and was not rescheduled and confirmed by a phone conversation with Dennie Sunbeam within 48 hours of the missed appointment time. Additionally, a transaction fee charged via the payment method will not be refunded. No exceptions.

You will notice subtle shifts in 3-7 days
after your healing. 

Dennie is trained to ease your life challenges like your relationships, unwanted patterns and unexplained pain.  Some patterns show up as one bad relationship after another. Some may be that you frequently get hurt, betrayed, or disappointed by loved ones or friends. Others are finding it nearly impossible to hold onto a job. Another pattern is the run of bad luck where nothing ever works out.

Past Life Healing is a healing technique that will end your pattern by getting to the cause of the karma that is being carried through all reincarnated lifetimes. This healing is also the outcome for any physical, mental or emotional repetitive unexplained pain.

Opening your Akashic Records will reveal your past life events as it relates to your current life. She will explain the event(s) that happened in one or more past lives and only that awareness offers the opportunity to release your karma.

It is important for you to understand that for this healing technique to be successful you must be willing to heal it, and by that, be willing to forgive yourself for your past discretions. Once you have forgiven yourself for the harm you caused in your past lives then the healing can start.

Dannie's angelic guides will remove the karma from those events held in your cell memory while you are relaxing during the phone call. You may also receive a task to complete your healing process.

The session lasts for approximately one hour and it is done over the phone while you are in a relaxed position. It is only recommended for those who have had repetitive patterns or pain over several years.

Dennie recommends that you smudge yourself and your space with dried sage just before the healing session begins.

If you feel called to this healing your soul is ready to heal for your highest good on your path to reach your highest potential. This is a miraculous healing that ends your unwanted patterns forevermore.

She highly recommends getting a Reiki Session 3 days after your past life healing to help your physical form more easily and gently align with your transformation. You may receive Holy Fire Reiki remotely if you do not live near Dennie. The Reiki Session is set up as a separate appointment.


"This happened to be a fantastic decision, and better yet, one that was life-altering! During my healing session. I learned of events that transpired in a past life and caused me a great deal of pain this and other lives. Remarkably, after the healing my life and my world view changed completely. I am spiritually awakened with a greater sense of purpose and clarity. Now I see things as they truly are, helping me to make better decisions that serve my own good." Andrew S.

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Pebble Beach


Feeling like you're not in control? Feeling uncontrollable anger, urges, or taking actions that don't seem like you?  Feel like you want to cause another harm?  Having evil thoughts or feelings?  Lost hope of having a happy life?

These are all indications of a lower entity attachment.  When a person abuses drugs, alcohol, or uses tarot or dark magic without any training their own will is weakened, and therefore they become vulnerable to lower energies attaching. 

I work with Spirit Guides like Archangels and Ascended Masters to rid anyone from these entities forever. Under spirit's protection, this is a gentle freeing process that will end your torment and round of bad luck.

Let the sunshine back into your life now!

Dennie highly recommends getting a Reiki Session 3 days after she extracts an entity attachment to help your physical form more easily and gently return to its natural state. You may receive Holy Fire Reiki remotely if you do not live near Dennie. The Reiki Session is set up as a separate appointment.

The extraction is done by appointment only and over the phone.


Dennie will assist you in navigating your personal growth, uncover and removing blocks for you to attain your goals, and mentor you to continue to reach your highest potential on your life path. This is a 30 minute appt. on Zoom or phone.

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