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ReSurfacing in-person at the Doubletree Rohnert Park Oct. 14th & 15th.

Full Avatar Course in-person October 14 - 22 at the Doubletree Rohnert Park

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Avatar is a three-section self-empowerment training guided by a world-wide network of licensed Avatar Masters.

ReSurfacing, the first 2-days, is a new approach to age old questions... Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? ReSurfacing refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising into awareness.

You will find the answers by exploring the underlying structure of your own consciousness. It's easier and more fun than you might think.

This workshop gently and masterfully reveals what you didn't realize about yourself. This is a journey that includes experiences, walks, videos and group discussions. On your own you will discover what holds you back from attaining your goals, and experience a quieter mind. 

Your own beliefs are the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive and how you perceive it. They influence your thoughts, your expectations, and your actions. They shape your personality. They even affect the outcome of your actions and the way others perceive and respond to you. The Avatar training helps you explore behind the scenes of your existence and discover the uninspected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing your life to be as it is.

The Avatar Course® will guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and equip you with tools to modify things you want to change. The discoveries you make open a window into the inner workings of your own consciousness.

Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, the Avatar Course® awakens you to a natural ability to create and discreate beliefs. With these skills, you redesign your life according to a blueprint that you determine. The course is experiential (world lessons), not intellectual (word lessons). For this reason it requires a trained Avatar Master to guide you into the actual lessons already contained in your own unique consciousness.

I am a licensed Avatar Master and I deliver this fascinating exploration into how you think and developed habits. You will not be sitting in a classroom being told what to think. You will be doing something unexpected, having fun.



On The Avatar Course You Will Learn:

  • How to achieve a quiet  mind and reduce stress

  • How to free yourself from self-sabotaging behaviors, indoctrinations and self-doubts

  • How to connect with your own intuitive guidance and find your own answers

  • How to take control of your life and operate as a source being

  • How to find your life's purpose and right-for-you goals that sizzle

  • How to live deliberately, proudly and boldly


                                                                                      THE AVATAR COURSE by SECTIONS:

ReSurfacing begins with a gentle slow-down of the habitual mind chatter. From there, you take a step back and become aware of the beliefs that are shaping your life. Are they helpful? Harmful? Your opinion is all that matters here - but the ability to finally see them in this way is very powerful. Many realizations will come.

And now, we take a look at our actions and behavior with the world: Is there a little friction in here? Where there is, then integrity exercises give you a generous way to free up the misalignment, and move you forward in a happier space. You end up with an increase in free energy that you can apply to creating your best life.

- And that is what we do now! As the weekend draws to a close, you'll take all this newfound personal power, alignment, and energy, and direct it towards meaningful goal(s) of your choosing. You will walk away energized, clarified, and on-purpose to pursue your next adventure. $295


Section II of the course leads you to reconnect with an awareness of your own existence, and to recover the effortless ability to create your personal reality. In other-wards, create the life you have always wanted. This prepares you for the next section of the course. 5-days $500


Section III of the course presents simple and effective techniques for discreating what you are experiencing for you to create what you want to experience instead. It reveals the different aspects or your personality and how those effect your emotional processing in any given situation. It gives you a process for handling attacks which releases you from any mental torment resulting from an attack. These techniques are presented in a series of rundowns to remove conflicts, limitations, persistent conditions and often helps with pain. Section III is the ultimate power boost to sections I and II and it is 2-3 days $1500

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