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About Dennie

Dennie is a native of California. In 2005 she was awakened to her spiritual path through Yoga and learning Reiki. Additionally, over the next five years she was fully immersed in transformation and spiritual growth through the teachings of some of the greatest Reiki Masters, Psychics and Light Workers: Colleen Benelli, Lorraine George, Dorena Clifton, Beatrex Quntanna, Maria Yraceburu and Janet Kadow.

In 2010 she moved to Central New York (CNY) where she furthered her Reiki training and was attuned as a Usui Karuna® Reiki II practitioner, empowering her skills to a total of 17 Reiki symbols, and now 18 with the Usui/Holy Fire® III Master ignition in 2022. However, she has been teaching Usui Reiki since 2010 and since 2022 all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki which includes the World Peace upgrade at the Master level.

Also, within three months of moving to CNY she became a fast favorite and a headliner delivering over 500 Psychic Readings in numerous Psychic Fairs throughout CNY in three years. She does private readings and you can find her at Psychic Fairs. The Fair dates are linked to a button on the landing page

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Dennie is a Star Blessing Grand Master and has received all 13 levels of the Star Blessings. She has the ability to initiate all 13 levels to anyone who is ready to increase their spirituality and want to channel Divine Light Beings. She has trained four of her many Star Blessing students to Star Blessing Master/Teacher (level six) in Central New York, and brought the Star Blessing awareness internationally with students in England, Canada and Germany. 

Dennie is also accomplished at healing what no longer serves you in this lifetime (Past Life Healing) by opening your Akashic records and locating the root cause of the event that is effecting you in this lifetime. 

In addition, her gifts include removing lower energetic attachments (entity). Have you been experiencing unexplainable, severe depression or severe mood swings, or feel like you have a dark cloud, or are you often breaking a bone or spraining a limb? You may have an entity attachment. Dennie can check your energy for attachments and check if your pet is being attacked. If you feel a "cloud" over you, severe depression, or mood swings that are not related to menopause, or clumsy and getting hurt, please contact her! She has the tools and skills to safely vanquish the entity forever. Lower energies can attack animals. If you notice your pet is having trouble sleeping, eating or staring into space, a lower energy entity may be bothering them. 

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