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  • Honor and respect that all paths lead to Love, Truth and Peace and vow to not interfere with others unless expressly asked by them for my help.

  • To project positively, and truthfully, through the vehicles of Channeling, Public Speaking, Star Blessings, Animal Communication, Oracle & Pet Readings, Teaching and Blogging.

  • To express concepts that might not be previously known

  • To inspire creative thinking and ignite passion in others

  • To awaken the true nature of oneself

  • To provide support for you, and everyone you know, through healing   modalities, and my Blog Postings

  • To assist in your own self discovery

  • To return you to your creative state of being in joy and love

  • To help you observe without judgment

  • To encourage you to trust and believe that all things are possible

  • To be your guide to self-healing via my services

  • To re-connect you with Spirit through Star Blessings

  • To honor and respect the privacy of all with utmost confidentiality for all sessions and services

  • I serve the highest good at all time, assisting those on their path to their highest potential bringing Heaven to Earth.


Love, Peace & Joy


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