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People hope that they receive help when asking for Divine intervention through prayer. Unfortunately it often doesn't work because they didn't follow the spiritual steps.

First, let me explain that when I refer to “Spirit”, I am referring to Divine light beings like God, Angles, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.

Spirit, cannot co-exist in the mind where ego resides. Spirit and ego are incompatible. Spirit can only reside in your heart center. Therefore praying from your thoughts does not reach Spirit. To be heard you must come from your heart’s center, located in the center of your chest. This is the energy center of the heart chakra and for a visual it is emerald green in color. It may take some practice to speak from our heart center as most of us are accustom to communicating through our thoughts. Thus, I have laid out steps to help you connect to your heart center and to Spirit.

The body collects lots of energy constantly. First, you need to cleanse your energy. Your feet need to be on the floor grounding you to mother earth (shoes on or off). Now, take a long deep breath in from your nose drawing it from your lower abdomen and then visualizing releasing it out the bottom of your feet exhaling with your mouth open. So you are inhaling through your nose from your abdomen and out your mouth to your feet. Close your eyes to do this. You can use your imagination to color your breath if it makes it easier for you. This breathing in and out is called “cleansing breath”. Do this three times. Notice how you feel once you’ve done this. Do you feel more centered and aware? Note that this is wonderful to do whenever you are faced with a decision or have stress.

Keep your eyes closed. Imagine a brilliant white sparkling star in the very center of your head, located behind your third eye which is between your eye brows. Allow it to spin and as it does it moves down your head, down your neck, down into the center of your chest, and lands in your green heart’s center. Watch, as the star’s white light completely changes the green color of your heart center to white.

Eyes are still closed. Imagine your physical form minimized, like a computer screen, and you appear in the center of that white light. Notice, that once you are in there that the space is infinite! Feel what it feels like to be in your heart’s center. Allow yourself to feel the love and joy held in this space.

You are in the only place to communicate with Spirit here in your heart’s center. Now, see yourself speak silently in this space of your heart’s center. Ask for what you need here.

There are rules to follow in how we ask for what we need from Spirit. What we must avoid are negative words like: but, not, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, don’t, do not, etc. Spirit does not comprehend negative words. Spirit hears the opposite of what you meant because it only hears the positive words like “do”. Therefore, you need to be very careful how you phrase your request to avoid being misunderstood, and receive the opposite of what you wanted.

This is an example of how to ask to get more money. “Spirit, please release me from my financial debts by exponentially increasing money flowing freely to me now. Thank you so much. Amen.

Notice how comfortable that feels in framing your request in a positive light?!

This is a loving way to ask for what you need.

Another rule when requesting something from Spirit is to not demand it. Spirit does not respond at all to any demands nor to compromises, (if you do this for me I promise to do that).

Note, there is a Universal plan, and your destiny will unfold at the pace of that plan. You may feel very inpatient that the changes you want in your life are not occurring as quickly as you would like them to, but that is not in your control. It is the Universe that controls what, where and when.

Spirit will assist you within the parameters of the Universe, as long as it is in your highest good. This is another important rule to understand. If what you want is not in your highest good, you will not receive it.

Dear readers and subscribers, I have empowered you with the tools to co-create with Spirit, to make the changes in your life that you want by following rules I have laid out here.

May you be blessed by Spirit’s loving grace.

In Service with Deep Gratitude,

Dennie, Psychic, Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Consultant

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