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"I am here to heal you which heals the world."


Dennie is an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training. All of  her Holy Fire® Reiki classes are based on the William Lee Rand method. 
Each student receives a manual and a completion certificate for each level of Reiki taught in-person in Santa Rosa, CA, and online.
Please read what you will learn in each level of Holy Fire
® Reiki and class testimonials by clicking the Learn More button.

Bring a friend and you receive a discount on the class

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Reiki, an ancient non-evasive, gentle energy that assists the circulatory system, aids in balancing emotions, and naturally calms an over active mind.
Reiki sessions are done either remotely by Zoom OR in a private home in a dedicated healing space in Santa Rosa, CA. Dennie is a registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master.
She can send Reiki healing to your pets at a specific time, anywhere.

 Holy Fire® Reiki options: 

  • 1 hour Reiki session

  • Online 30 minute session

  • Reiki healing with 10 Archangels 1 hr session

  • Energetic reading & Reiki 1.15 hrs


With an Oracle card reading you can expect a positive and empowering reading as Dennie channels Divine light beings to assist you in finding and releasing what is blocking you from achieving your goals and receive more clarity. 

In addition she offers Past Life readings which give you insights into relationships and events that are connected to your past.

Through Life Path Coaching she helps you to see your options to move forward and offers ways to make the best choices for day to day issues.
Also she has specialized classes for personal growth and enlightenment.



The First Star Blessing creates a permanent pathway to the Divine. It also opens the mind and heart to receive a profoundly deep connection to communicate by channeling with the highest beings of light like Angels and Ascended Masters. Once this pathway to channel is opened it will remain forever. 


Learn tools to perceive reality without judgements, distortion, biases, and separation.
Learn tools to modify personal reality and create experientially real states of beingness at will.
Learn tools to assume full responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of your life.
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Dennie is a registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master certified to teach by the International Center for Reiki Training

Holy Fire® Reiki I & II ​​​​​

  • June 8th & 9th in-person 

  • July 13th & 14th in-person 

             Holy Fire® Reiki Master ​​

  • May 17th, 18, 19th in-person

  • June 28th, 29th, & 30th Online

Healing with Archangels Workshop - see the calendar on the Reiki class pg.

Awaken Your Intuition Workshop - see under Psychic page

My Mission

Honor and respect that all paths lead to Love, Truth and Peace and vow to not interfere with others unless expressly asked by them for my help.

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