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30 Minutes  

Animals are seen at their location.  Cost includes mileage and travel time.  Animals cannot communicate their needs other than displaying "bad behavior" indicating they have a problem and need your help.  Reiki can benefit them in finding the source of discomfort and relieving or healing it. Since it works on the emotional, mental and physical bodies it is recommended for animals who suffer from traumatic situations in their past or present life.

Reiki shortens the healing time from injuries, surgery & illness.

Reiki has no interaction with medications.  It works well with western medicine as it lessens side- effects from drugs and promotes healing.

Reiki heals emotional trauma from being rescued or abused. 

Reiki is the perfect relaxation tool to use when any changes take place in their environment.

Cancellation fee $25.00 for a no show or same day cancellation.

Reiki for Pets in Santa Rosa & Rohnert Park

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