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Dennie connects to your animal's soul through their eyes and channels information that is extremely valuable when your animal is ill, or is displaying changes in their behavior.   Learn what your animal needs, their health, or why they are displaying unwanted behavior to resolve their issue. You may learn of their past lives, cause of depression, emotional issues, relationships with other animals, eating issues, purpose, plus receive messages from pets who have passed away.

  • Camera or Cell Phone:  close-up of the face is necessary. (Pet's with eyes on the side of their face require their LEFT SIDE PROFILE).  Eyes must be open and looking at you.  Please turn your flash off and have plenty of back light or day light to compensate for no flash.  You must be able to see the black pupil of their eyes.

  • A color photo of your pet at any age on your cell phone or print to any of her public appearances and she will do a Reading for you at the Fair discounted price.

  • By Email:  Use PayPal or VENMO.  You will receive an email with all of the information Dennie has received about your pet. Ask questions in your Email to her.

Pet Photo Reading

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