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You will notice subtle shifts in 3-7 days after your healing. 

Dennie is trained to ease your life relationships and unexplained pain.  Some of you are dealing with a repetitive relationship with a family member or close friend that is a challenge. Shamanic Healing is a healing technique that will heal that relationship by getting to the root of the problem, and it has the same results for any physical, mental or emotional pain.

Keep in mind, that for the healing technique to be successful, you must be willing to heal it, and by that, intend to let go of it.  You may also receive a task to complete your healing process.

Akashic Records: Dennie is trained to open your Akashic Records to reveal your past life as it relates to your current life. See why and where the problem exits brings enlightenment and assists you in releasing what no longer serves you in this life for your highest good on your path to reach your highest potential. You can end it forever, today.

A one hour session is done over the phone while you are in a relaxed position and recommended for those who have had the issue or pain over several years.  It is recommended to smudge yourself and your space before the healing begins.  Payment is required before the healing session. 

Karma Clearing

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