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Reiki sessions are done in a private home in a dedicated healing space. Located in a safe neighborhood in Santa Rosa, CA. 


Reiki, an ancient non-evasive, gentle energy that assists the circulatory system, aids in balancing emotions, and naturally calms an over active mind.  Reiki was revived by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1914 and used for relaxation purposes, and then found it activated progressive and profound healing abilities.

Reiki is a Tibetan/Japanese technique, combining the Universal energy with your own, or your pet's, to promote wellness and healing of the physical, emotional and metal issues by gently laying hands on energy pathways.  You are on a treatment table in a quiet, safe environment listening to soft soothing music during the one hour session. The medicinal benefits from Reiki are similar to Cannabis, and are equally effective whether sitting, lying down or sent from a distance.


  • Reducing side effects and pain from chemotherapy and surgery for you & your pets
  • Promotes healing chronic conditions and acute illnesses for you & your pets
  • Shortens healing time, reducing or eliminating pain for your & your pets
  • Reducing stress, depression, grief and releasing emotional trauma for you & your pets
  • Detoxifies and balances energy for you & your pets
  • Relaxes you & your pets before medical procedures and dental work
  • You can receive regular medical and psychological treatments or prescription drugs while receiving Reiki with no side effects and improved results.

After a Reiki session my clients have reported feeling no tension, physically lighter with a sense of wellbeing and peace.

Reiki is available to patients in hospitals and clinics around the globe.

Reiki is Not a religion and has no Dogma.

Cancellation fee $25.00 for a no show or same day cancellation.

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Session in-person Santa Rosa

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