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This Blessing is to connect you to nature and your inner child.  It is your soul's quest to re-connect to all living creatures and vegetation on our planet.  It is your inner child who needs to be seen, heard and recognized. It is a profound healing.

This Initiation takes you on an awake "journey" where you will be given a task to perform and complete within a certain period of time. This task is unique to you, as is every Star Blessing Initiation experience.

After this initiation, you will be inspired to take more direct action relating to your purpose on Earth.  You will do what you've always wanted to do.  You will no longer hesitate in taking the next steps to your goal.  If you do not have a goal, this will assist you with a vision. 

Many times we ignore our dreams, but with this Blessing, your dreams are clear signs guiding you like a beacon blazing your pathway with the least amount of resistance. This Blessing will "kick start" you!

****This is the last Initiation before becoming a Master at the fifth & sixth levels.  The Master Star Blessing is 3 days of Initiation and instruction. You will learn how to give Blessings 1-3, plus you give the First Star Blessing to a student. 

If you are called to bring humanity closer to GOD, then you are destined to become a Master. 

Fourth Star Blessing

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