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Section Two really gives you the power to operate outside of your thoughts.And that gives you a much more fluidity than just being sort of enmeshed in your ideas, allows you to play with ideas or not play with ideas to shift ideas more fluidly.

And then at the end of Section two, it allows you to create ideas, create beliefs and increase in power. The power to deliberately decide things from living experiential perspective and feel the outcomes of those beliefs in real time as they unfold — to be a deliberate creator of your universe.

And then in part three, once you have that down, then you're initiated into an ability to dive into any experience residing in your consciousness — somewhere in there — any belief, and release it from being held onto.

So you can release layers and layers of things that had been unconsciously held onto, in an emotional sense, in a cognitive sense, in a self-limiting sense — whatever you want to release. So it gives you a great fluidity in terms of creating and feeling the plasticity of your own consciousness, to experience what you created, and fluidity to let go of — to really let go of, really release things.

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